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  • Useful collection of public cheatsheets

    Linux tools cheatsheets Awk Awk in 6 steps TechRepublic Awk & Sed Cheatsheet Git How to turn back time How to squash and rebase Grep Dev Hints Grep VIM The great vim cheatseet Keyboard organised cheatsheet Vim Cheatsheet for programmers 5 of the best Dev Hints Vim Programming cheatsheets Bash Dev Hints Bash Scala…

  • Hello


    Thanks for visiting There are no bells or whistles here, just a simple site with some software engineering content which you probably wont find useful but I do. I finally decided to put together this very simple site. What to expect? Short notes on programming particular with Scala

  • Notes on variance

    Notes on Variance I’ve recently been working through the Rock The Jvm Cats course having previously completed the Scala Advanced course and being very impressed with his explanations and training materials. Here are my take away notes on variance in Scala based on the session by Daniel CiocĂ®rlan. package RockTheJvm.cats.chapter1 object TCVariance { import cats.Eq…