About Us

More specifically this is about how we can help you … 

RedJamJar Solutions is a learning & technology company based in London. We specialise in provide learning technology transformation for medium and large organisations.

Over the years, we’ve seen online learning explode. During that time, there has been some hype, bad design decisions and lots of flash content. We know because we created some of it.

Thankfully making mistakes helps us to learn. Which brings us to today. Creating engaging personal learning solutions are as much about real connection as it is about technology. It requires skills, commitment and passion.

Now is an amazing time for learning; the mix of tools, learning methods and ability to deliver amazing changes with quality, empathy and scale are possible.

We’ve reached a tipping point with the convergence of good low-cost technology (both hardware and software), real-time HD communication, good virtual content and a growing encouragement by our user (the learner).

Your work matters, we understand this. So let’s talk and make that change happen.



Our fabulous clients

Our Timeline


Major milestones

  • Learning Management System Implementation Services

    Project management to analyse, migrate and implement a learning management systems for global companies.

  • First Product Designs

    Our knowledge sharing platform designs first appear for mobile and desktop. Client feedback is positive and encourages us to continue to refine and iterate our ambition.

  • Embracing opensource

    The heart of our platform’s user management and identity system is open sourced to positive community reviews.


We hustle and find our first successes. Those brave clients who trust and nurture our first steps. AWS hosting, software development and learning technology advice. Lots to do but there’s really nothing stopping us now.


The beginning. Grand ideas and napkin sketches are rustled together to begin exploring a small idea (or two)

Our trusted partners