Nir Eyal explains how technology can shape good user habits through persuasion and social influence.

Recently, one of the most dynamic and compelling voices in the realm of behavioural design, Nir Eyal, took to Facebook to respond to RedJamJar’s Ben McCluskey questions on behavioural design and gamification via live stream. Here’s what the author of Hooked: How to Build Habit-Forming Products, had to say …

The questions we put to Nir Eyal

1. Your work centres on habit forming technology within the context of the design, management and marketing of products. Can you explain what led to your interest in ‘hooks’ and why they are so important when trying to understand how habits are formed?
2. With large companies shifting to view talented employees as akin to customers, do you think your behavioural design principles can be applied to staff learning and development?
3. Do you see companies make common errors when trying to embed habit-forming elements into their products? What are they and what other advice would you give for sustaining user engagement?
4. Not all habits are beneficial. Is the topic of breaking outdated or negative habits of interest to you? If so, can you share any insights?
5. Can you discuss the exciting projects/events you’re involved in at the moment?
6. Finally, what keeps you awake night?

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