A lot of businesses have a wealth of information which they would love to bottle up and share in small groups, workshops and events. Making that a reality is what makes us tick.

Paul Brown and Paul Nebel started RedJamJar in 2013 because of a shared obsession with learning solutions.  For the 10 years prior, we had both been using our backgrounds in education and technology to produce award winning content, systems and products.

We sat down and really pulled apart how people in the workplace want to learn today, what technology allows us to do and how we could improve that. That session was a model for knowledge sharing, and that’s when things got really exciting.

With our help, organisations can get the right information to the right person at the right time.

Organisations are full of information. There’s lots of it lying around. It’s stuffed in silos all over the place. People get excited about starting a project, but they don’t always follow through, or they lose the budget to keep things updated. IT departments the world over are still recovering from the over-hyped and under-delivered claims of knowledge management. We’re doing something to fix that.

Knowledge is a living and breathing part of your organisation. The improvements in search, curation and a culture of collaboration provide access to information and experts. Today it’s about answering the standard questions efficiently and without the need to involve people (therefore reducing costs) and connecting and routing the enquirer to the appropriate pool of people who may have the answer. Previously this would have taken days and weeks to achieve.

We’re providing a knowledge-sharing platform that allows experts to curate information, pull it together, turn it into a digest, and add their own commentary. Importantly, the platforms allows you the flexibility of editing and annotating work that’s  easily shareable with colleagues or customers.

Following the design thinking process, we’ve challenged many assumptions around knowledge management, learning and sharing. We work with designers and usability consultants with a background in psychology and learning. Countless hours have been baked into the solution leading to a knowledge ‘ecosystem’.

…people get incredibly excited and start coming back and giving us ideas about how this could be applied in their organisation

Through this process, we’ve discovered a sweet spot where our strengths and skills are most appropriate. The knowledge management portal is well suited to companies who have a team of experts and want to share targeted resources, tools and content quickly & securely.


Our next generation solutions will seamlessly blend and support the user with an expert system which offers a curated collection of resources and tools appropriate to you specifically but scaled to meet the needs of hundreds of users. It will give you access to information and experts, save time and improve decision making.